Kent Slaney's Poems

I am from... (2011)

I am from running shoes on dirt trails
From bobbing up and down to the beat
of early morning birds tweeting softly into the dawn
I am from the sweat on my face
as I jog up a hill
From running into the unknown
finding safety in myself
I am from getting lost
to lose that which I know I must forgive
From my warm skin
against the crisp cool air
I am from heavy arms
and burning legs
From steady panting
that puts my mind at peace
I am from that simple motion
familiar as an old friend
From the view at the top of a hill
the painting of life surrounding me
I am from sharing this with a friend
the experience of another life
From an innocent world
ignorant of problems
I am from running
that simple motion
that makes everything okay

With thanks to Mr. Hsu (6/7/12)

In the English class, you teach
learning, writing, thinking, speaking.
Despite your critiquing,
it is the best hour of my day.
As a wise man once said to me -
about a minute ago -
"What makes a teacher a teacher
is not the knowledge they possess,
but their ability to share it
and it is not their job
just to say the rules,
but inspire us to learn."
You inspire us daily
and share your knowledge,
so I just wanted to say:
Thank you.

Tamarisk (2007)

A tamarisk is
growing, just growing, in the
silence of the dawn.

I am From... (2006)

I am from small legos on the floor,
The nice, soft, flowery carpet,
Big plasma flat screen tvs,
Four-hundred dollars worth of computers,
And a brown wooden table.

I am from a very sandy sand box,
A very small tree house,
And a very sturdy ball wall.

I am from a very foody JJ&Fs,
A very funny Klutz,
And a very nice bike store.

I am from Sean,
Mike with gray hair,
Maggie from Ohio,
And Jean who smells Sean's armpits after his shower.

I am from tomato-basil pizza
    that tastes like tomato with cheese,
Sushi with cucumber and salmon
    that reminds me of things you find at a party.

I am from Peter who is always willing to talk,
Sumit who helps me make bee stings,
Chinmay who is willing to play games,
And Austin who can always think of something to do.

I am from "Always do your best,"
"If you're going to do it, be happy about it,"
"If you do it now, it will be over with,"
and "If you do something for someone else,
    they will do something nice for you."